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Full Service

1-hour Phone Interview
Expertly Crafted Resume
Cover Letter
Follow-up Email Text
LinkedIn Profile Text
Interview Training

Maybe you’ve been out of the job market for years and your all-around career game needs improvement.

Or, maybe you’ve been searching for a job for a while and need a pro to bring your game up to where it should be.

For these people, The Full Service Package is just what you need.

In addition to an amazing resume, a sharp cover letter, a full LinkedIn profile, and interview follow-up text, The Full Service Package provides Interview Training to make sure you make the best impression when you sit down with your potential employer.

Our Interview Training is like a pre-season game. We’ll work on your skills and address your weak points in a professional phone-interview setting. The time to work on your interview skills is before the interview, not after! Go into your interview with confidence knowing you’ve got the skills to nail the interview.

The Full Service Package — everything you need to land your dream job!

1-Hour Phone Interview – We are your partner in your search preparation, and we will start the process off with an hour-long phone conversation to get to know you, find out where you want to go, and discuss all of your experiences and achievements to create a stellar resume.

Attention-Grabbing Resume – An outstanding resume is the center of a successful job search. The resume we will create for you will be custom-tailored to your skills and goals. The format will be well organized and easy to read by hiring managers and Human Resource departments alike. It will also work well with automated Applicant Tracking Systems used by so many employers today.  

Interview Training – What questions do you find hard to answer? Do you know how to handle a behavioral question? Interview Training will address these areas and much more, so you can go into interviews with the confidence you need to land the job you want.

LinkedIn Profile – Every professional job seeker must have an effective LinkedIn profile. A simple headline, picture, and job history won’t do. This isn’t a job application; it’s how companies that are hiring and recruiters will find you! There are plenty of tips and best practices in developing an effective LinkedIn profile, and One Great Resume has mastered them all for you!

Cover Letter – The optional cover letter isn’t optional at all. It separates the casual applicants from those who really want the job. The keyword-rich cover letter we’ll write for you will be sharp, informative, and easy to customize again and again, without looking like one of those standard form letters.

Follow-up Email Text – Plenty of people get interviews, but few know how to reconnect with the hiring manager after the interview is done. We take care of that for you with email text that makes following up after an interview quick and easy.