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The Basics

1-hour Phone Interview
Expertly Crafted Resume
Cover Letter
Follow-up Email Text
LinkedIn Profile Text
Interview Training

The Basics of creating a professional cover letter and resume have stumped job seekers for generations. “How do I write a good resume and cover letter? I’m not a writer, and I don’t want to be one!”

To make a great first impression, you need to have The Basics — a professional cover letter and a great resume. The cover letter is your chance to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. If you waste that opportunity, you’re only making it harder on yourself to land that next job. 

You already know why having a strong, professional resume is important. That’s why you’re here! With the job market that’s more competitive than ever before, if you don’t have a spectacular resume, you’re never going to make it to the pros.

The Basics of expanding your career lie in an outstanding cover letter and an amazing resume.  Get them both right the first time with One Great Resume!

1-Hour Phone Interview – We kick everything off with a one-hour phone conversation. We want to know where you are in your career, where you want to go, your experiences and all your accomplishments. It’s that personal contact that makes One Great Resume different from the rest!

Attention-Grabbing Resume – We create a resume that is perfect for you! We know how to make your resume easy to read and stand out from the rest. Hiring managers and Human Resource departments alike will notice your qualifications quickly and effectively.

Cover Letter – The optional cover letter isn’t optional anymore. If you aren’t sure how to write an effective cover letter that is clean and professional, let us do it for you! Your keyword-rich cover letter will be sharp, informative, and easy to customize again and again, without looking like a one of those standard form letters.

Follow-up Email Text – Plenty of people get interviews, but few know how to reconnect with the hiring manager after the interview is done. We take care of that for you with email text that makes following up after an interview quick and easy.