Become Addicted to LinkedIn

Your New Social Addiction - LinkedIn

The new year is upon us, and New Year’s Resolutions are on many of our minds. Whether it’s a bad habit you want to break, or a good habit you want to develop, everyone wants better things for the coming year.

So let’s have a little intervention, shall we? Let’s talk about your Facebook usage?

Oh, I know, it’s a painful subject. Globally, 1.18 BILLION people log on to their Facebook accounts daily, and you know you’re one of them.

I understand that Facebook serves a need. It keeps you in touch with people you don’t usually see, and more people every year are getting their news updates from Facebook.

But let’s be honest… are you spending more time on Facebook, and enjoying it less? How many animated pictures of kittens do you need to see? Aren’t we done with all the political rants of the past year?

I have a better way for you to get your social media fix AND help you further your career… LinkedIn!

If you’re a professional, you should spend time on LinkedIn at least a few times a week. And if you’re looking for a new job, you should spend time on LinkedIn every single day! It’s where people in your field talk about the newest trends, keep up to date on each other’s career, and even recruit for jobs that may not be advertised.

If you don’t have a LinkedIn account, start one! If you already have a profile that you’ve been neglecting, take some time to spruce it up, maybe with a fresh picture of yourself, an improved professional title, and an updated professional summary can help people learn what you’ve been up to.

The Road to LinkedIn Addiction

Addictions start small, and your new LinkedIn addiction starts the same way. Log on once a day. Read over some statuses. Then, when you’re ready, hit that ‘Like’ button! Scary, isn’t it? But it’s oddly satisfying!

Soon, you’ll find yourself using the ‘like’ button more and more.

Before you know it, you’ll feel the need to (dare I say it) comment on someone’s post! You’ll be surprised to find that your comment will be well received. Many will thank you for your comment.

This is not a bad addiction!

After a while, you’ll get into the swing of it. First you’ll share someone’s post. Then you’ll start sharing articles you find interesting.

When you’re really hooked, you’ll start writing your own articles, your own blog posts, and you’ll get followers. Really! The more activity you have on our account, the more you’ll show up in searches, particularly when recruiters are hunting for candidates.

When you’re hard core, you’ll seek out new connections at companies and organizations that you are interested in. You might even start your own group!

Why this is good for you?

Building an active LinkedIn presence is one of those things that many professionals intend to do, but few take the time to learn how. Fewer still actually do it. The professionals who do take the time, though, feel some wonderful side effects, including:

  • Increased professional opportunities
  • A wealth of knowledge
  • Respect in your ever-growing professional circle

Your LinkedIn addiction will take a little time and a little effort to form, but the benefits are wonderful! You’ll feel productive and cutting edge as you feed your social media dependence.

If you only give yourself one New Year’s Resolution this year, develop your LinkedIn addiction. Your professional profile will never look the same!


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