Using Social Media to Network

Using Social Media to Network

While many people argue that the internet has made it more difficult for us to meet people, I wholeheartedly disagree. I feel the world, and everyone in it, is right at our fingertips, if we know how to network online!

While it’s easy to find most anything online, following are four tips that every job hunter should use to successfully network online. Don’t forget to see the power tip at the end of this post!

1. Don’t Be Shy

For some reason, many job seekers are reluctant to say they are out looking for a new job. This hesitancy will cut your job search right off at the knees, so it’s best to get over it as soon as possible!

When you’re out looking for a job, you have value and skills to offer. Someone needs the skills and experiences you have, so you’re doing them a favor by letting them know you’re talented, knowledgeable, and available. Help a potential employer out by offering your skills!

If you are out of work, or are not searching for your next job confidentially, go ahead and make it known to your social networks that you’re looking for work. On LinkedIn, many job seekers go so far as to put ‘Seeking Employment’ in their title, as well as their field of expertise. You have 120 characters to use in that field, so be sure to use them all.

Let your Facebook friends know as well. If they’re a real friend, they’ll help you when you need it! Be sure to include what you do and the type of employer you’re looking for. It will give your network something to think about.

2. Join Professional Groups

LinkedIn is also the first stop to find groups of people who network together and help each other. They keep up on the current trends, share current information and, yes, help each other find jobs. These groups exist for people like you to join them and help make the group stronger.

Search for and join these groups right on LinkedIn, and don’t be a wallflower; talk to the people in the group. They’ll be happy to talk to you!

You can also find relevant groups on, or do a good, old-fashioned Google search for groups in your area.

3. Research Social Media Before Your Interview

Do you have a hot interview lined up? Do you have your eyes on a big job prospect and you want to get the inside scoop? Do some searches in your social media for connections that can work in your favor. Search for the company you’re applying at to find out who you know, either first or second level, and reach out to them. That contact just might be able to pass on some hot information that you can use before you even walk through the door.

4. Post Good Stuff

If you want your network to see you as an expert in your field, post some of your knowledge on your social media platforms. Share a relevant article. Take a strong stand on a controversial topic. And feel free to join in on conversations where plenty of people will see that you know your stuff, and you’re looking to utilize your skills with a new employer. Everyone wins!

Power Tip – Have your elevator pitch perfected before you begin networking

Good networking always starts with a great introduction, so your elevator pitch is going to be used plenty of times. Be sure you have it written and perfected before you start networking. To find out how to deliver a strong, memorable elevator pitch by clicking here!

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