Myth--- The Perfect Resume Will Get Me a Great Job

No professional works so hard on one document as they do on their resume.

Why? Because they want it to be perfect so they land the perfect job. Well, I’m sorry to tell you that it’s a resume, not a lottery ticket.

First, there’s no such thing as perfection, so let’s get over that, ok? Many people have landed fine jobs with less than perfect resumes. I’ve seen those resumes, and they’re pretty bad.

Second, the job of your resume is to land you a job interview, not the job itself.

Let me put it to you this way…

Resumes are much like car advertisements you see on TV. They inform, tell a story, and even give you reasons to ‘buy.’

So when’s the last time you saw a car ad, stood up, went to the car dealer, and bought that car without even talking to the annoying salesperson?

Never. Nobody does.

The purpose of that ad is not to get you to buy a car. The purpose of that ad is to motivate you to stop by a dealership and maybe even take a test drive. You might bring up some of the points you saw on the ad, but that’s about it. After you visit the dealership, the ad has done its job. End of story.

Your resume works the same way. The purpose of your resume is to get you an invitation to an interview. That’s it! Your resume is there to get you into the door, and nothing more. After that, it’s all up to you!

So how do you craft your resume to earn an interview invitation?

  • List all of the experiences and qualifications you think the hiring manager should be looking for.
  • Be specific, but not wordy.
  • Say everything you need to say efficiently, especially at the beginning. Reel them in quick to get and keep their attention.

At the interview, the interviewer will use your resume as a guide to ask you questions, which is why you don’t provide ALL of the details of your past on your resume. At your interview, it’s your time to elaborate on all the wonderful things you’ve done during your career, and your resume will map the way. 

WARNING: There are jobs out there that will be offered to you simply by virtue of what is written on your resume. These employers are what is called ‘Desperate.’ They are desperate because the job or the employer is so lousy that no one wants to work for them. Smile, thank them for the compliment, and slowly back away. End of warning.

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Resumes don’t get jobs, people do. A great resume will work hard to get you the right job interview. 


Let's get to work!