Myth--- My Resume Should Only be One Page in Length

Of all the resume myths in circulation today, this misconception has the most life. Truth be told, it’s a convenient myth! A one-page resume, cool! I can fill up a page about what I do, no problem. It’s a great invention created by lazy resume writers.

Actually, this myth WAS the rule in years gone by. Ah, those were the days. Back then, most workers strove to work at a single employer their entire life, serving at maybe a handful of positions, eagerly looking forward to retirement at 65, a healthy pension plan, and the wonder that was Social Security. 

Ok, time to wake up! It’s the 21st century, and wow have things changed! Workers can look forward to a healthy 2 to 3 years at their current employer before moving on. Pensions are scarce as raindrops in a desert, and don’t even get me started on Social Insecurity.

Now that workers are working for more employers, and wearing more hats at each employer, the two-page resume has become the norm. Now, that’s not to say that you have to fill two pages. If you can tell your story, tell it well, and give all the details in a single page, the over-worked HR assistant working through that stack of resumes will thank you. The majority of applicants, though, listing employers, responsibilities, achievements, and qualifications will require two pages. 

Is your resume bleeding over two pages? Cut that resume down, partner! No one is reading that third page, no matter what wonderful deeds are on that third page.

Before learning all about margins and how to decrease them to fit all your words on those two pages, take a look at the words you’re using. Are you writing efficiently, using as few words as possible to get your point across clearly and accurately? Is a stranger able to read your resume and get an accurate picture of your qualifications? 

Writing a resume is not easy. Writing your own resume is even harder to do. If you’re stuck writing your resume, trying to figure out what to say and how to say it, I recommend letting a pro handle your resume. Professional resume writers, like those at One Great Resume, take a skilled and objective view of your career and create a resume that will say all that needs to be said in two pages or less. Your resume will be done quickly so you can put your best foot forward when advancing your career.

So go ahead and use a second page if you need to. Say what you need to say clearly and efficiently, and don’t spill over into a third page!


Let’s get to work!