Myth--- It's OK to Lie on Your Resume

Everyone lies on their resume, so it’s ok if I do it too, right?

And if everyone else jumped off a cliff… Now I sound like your mother, but I agree with your mother.

Yes, people lie on their resumes. It’s a fact. People also lie on their tax returns. It’s a fact, but it’s still not a good idea.

It used to be much easier to lie on your resume. You fibbed a little and you never got caught. Wow, have times changed. 

Now employers can check your facts on the Internet in seconds. If the facts aren’t on a web site, most people are very well connected these days, thanks to social media, a myriad of networking opportunities, and the increased rate of employer changes we discussed in this earlier post. Human Resource managers hone their investigative skills, and if you’re not telling the truth, you’ll be caught. If you’re not caught during the hiring process and eliminated, the worst-case scenario is that you get the job knowing that, any day, you could be found out and be out of a job. That’s incredibly stressful and not a great way to live.

Here’s a handy list of things you should not lie about on your resume. If it’s not on this list, still don’t lie about it:

  • Your education – Schools, colleges, and universities have made it very easy for employers to verify educational backgrounds. It’s in the learning institution’s best interest to rat out employment liars because it protects the integrity of the institution.
  • Past employers – While laws have made it more difficult to comment on an employee’s work history, they still can either confirm or deny your employment at the company, as well as employment dates. 
  • Abilities – If you overstate an ability on your resume, the best you can hope for is that you don’t get the job. Overselling yourself as an expert in an area will cause you to lose sleep at night, a preponderance of stress in your life, and you’ll probably lose the job because you can’t perform up to standards. 

Tell the truth, and make your life easier and more successful!


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