How To Stand Apart From Others In Your Field

How To Stand Apart From Others In Your Field

Being a part of a group is safe. It’s comforting. It’s easy. And it’s not advisable when you’re looking to further your career.

There are professional groups everywhere. I’m a teacher. I’m a mason. I’m a nurse. I’m a police officer.

There are even professional groups that help enforce the group status. I’m a member of this union. I belong to this professional association. I’m a part of this group who meets every month.

Group affiliation can be a wonderful thing for many reasons. Groups tend to exchange ideas. They can support each other. They can even help each other find new jobs!

When you’re positioning yourself in the job market, though, it’s important to not only show your group affiliation (I’m a professional architect. I’m a heavy equipment salesperson) but also to show how you’re different and unique in your industry.

Chances are, when you apply for a new position, there will be others in your employment group who you’re up against. That’s just the way it works. Because this competition will always exist, it’s important to show how you’re different and better, in your own way.

How is this done? Do you feel you’re no better than the others applying for this position? Well, it’s time to take a good look at yourself, what you have to offer, and all the special things that make you YOU!

The following are three areas where you can stand out from the crowd. There certainly are more ways out there to be unique, but these three should give you something to consider when you define what you have to offer a potential employer.

1. Hard Skills and Soft Skills – Even if there are 100 people applying for the same job, you have a unique mix of skills, both hard and soft, that are distinctive.  Your hard skills are specific, job-related aptitudes. Math, physics, accounting, finance, and computer literacy are all considered hard skills. Soft skills include motivation, people skills, stress management, and networking skills. Everyone, including you, have a unique mix of these skills.

2. Experiences and Achievements – Back to that scary group of 100 people applying to the same job you’re applying for — What are the chances they have the same experiences and achievements you have? The chances are slim to none. No one has done what you do and the way you’ve done it. Even if you’ve had the same title as the others, your specific experiences are yours to keep! What will speak even more loudly are your achievements! If you can tell what you’ve achieved in your past positions, clearly and with measureable results of some kind, you’re well on your way to standing out from the crowd.

3. Attitude – If two candidates are side-by-side, with comparable attributes, the candidate with the can-do, positive, enthusiastic attitude will win out every time. No hiring manager will believe in a pessimistic candidate who has no confidence. A strong, positive attitude will reign supreme every time!

All of these attributes of standing out from the crowd can help you show you are the best candidate for the job. You can employ any or all of these methods in your resume, your cover letter, your online presence, and in your interviews.

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