Easy Cover Letter Resume

The easy way to produce powerful cover letters fast

Cover letters are easy to write, and good cover letters are even easier to write!

Writing cover letters isn’t hard. We make it hard because we overthink it, get scared by it, and dread it.

Time for an attitude adjustment, my friends.

Don’t believe me? Follow these steps, and you’ll become a cover letter producing machine before you know it. And (gasp!) you’ll probably find a job a lot faster than you would without a cover letter.

1. Get a good cover letter format. Cover letters don’t have to be long, and they shouldn’t be boring. Protip: A letter that’s fun to write is fun to read. Think about that for a minute.

2. Make sure that format has room for three bullet points. Those bullet points will tell why you’re the best candidate for each job you’ll apply for, and these bullets will change for each letter you write. Don’t get scared; this will be the easy part of the letter. Trust me.

3. Grab the job postings you’ll be applying for and highlight the key words or phrases that make you the best candidate for that job. These keywords are usually found in the requirements section, but they’re also lurking anywhere in the job posting.

4. Pick the best three keywords or phrases and start the bullets on your cover letter with those keywords or phrases. They might look like this:

• Highly organized -

• Results oriented -

• Leadership experience –

5. Write two or three sentences after each of these keywords explaining why you’re so darn good in those areas. These are the areas that matter to the employer, and this is where you will shine your professional prowess to your potential employer. Finish off the letter with a snappy closing, and your first letter is done!

6. Write 5 to 10 of these letters, following the steps above. Don’t worry, we’re almost there.

7. (Here’s where it gets fun) Now that you have 5 to 10 letters under your belt, and each letter has three bullet points all written out and professional, you now have a total of 15 to 30 unique bullet points and descriptions written out. Nice job!

Copy and paste all the bullet paragraphs you’ve written so far on to a separate Word document. This will be your source for bullet point paragraphs that you’ve written and can recycle in new cover letters.

You’ve probably noticed that you’re seeing some of the same keywords and phrases repeated from some of the letters. That’s to be expected. All these jobs are in a similar field and they’re all looking for similar traits in an employee, though they all have their own nuances that make them special.

Now, when you applying for jobs, go ahead and highlight those keywords and phrases. Then, look at that list of bullet paragraphs you’ve compiled. Chances are you’ve already written a paragraph to address that keyword. Copy that paragraph and paste it into the cover letter.

The more you can copy and paste from your list of bullet paragraphs, the more efficient you will be in creating professional, personalized cover letters.

Finally, cover letters made easy!


A professional, customized cover letter is so important when applying for a job. Many times, it can make the difference between you getting an interview or being passed by. One Great Resume writes plenty of cover letters for our clients, and we’re happy to create a customized cover letter format for you, too!