Resume apply for a job again

Applying for a job a second time

“There it is again!”

While some job postings seem to disappear almost as quickly as they appear, other job postings come back every few months like clockwork. The frustrating part is that you applied for that position with your outstanding resume, and you’re perfect for the job, but you never got the call in for an interview.

There’s an employer who’s missing out on the perfect applicant.

Why does this keep happening?

When a job is reposted after a few months, it can happen for one of many reasons, including:

  • The employer didn’t find the right applicant – Even though job postings can garner hundreds of candidates, some employers treat hiring like getting a 3-year-old to eat; nothing looks good, and they’ll stubbornly hold out for something better.
  • The timing was wrong – Maybe the hiring manager was too busy to conduct the hiring process, budgets may have been cut, or some other game-changing event postponed the screening process.
  • The job changed – After thinking about the position, and seeing the candidate pool, many employers repost jobs with a new scope of responsibilities, and maybe even a new title.
  • The person they hired didn’t work out – It happens more than you think. The hiring manager brought someone on, they tried to make it work, but the job just wasn’t a good fit. Back to the applicant pool!

Just because you applied for the job before, don’t assume that they’ll continue to look at the original pool of applicants, where your thoughtfully crafted resume is residing, waiting to be noticed.

When a job is reposted, you get a second chance to make a great first impression. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Compare postings – If you’re organized enough to file away the original job posting, compare it to the newly posted job. Is it different in any way? If it is, highlight those changes boldly! Those changes are the most important issues to the hiring manager. They’re so important that they reposted the job to focus in on those changes. When you apply for the job, you too should zero in on those new posting attributes!
  2. Change it up! – They already saw your resume and cover letter once, and they didn’t get the response you were hoping for. Now is the time to tidy-up both of these critical documents. Write some extra enthusiasm in your cover letter. Change the keywords in your resume. Are you focusing in on the right keywords? Do a double check to reinforce the fact that you’re the best for the job!
  3. Check your work – Perhaps you didn’t get the attention you were looking for the first time because something didn’t go right in your original application. Do you have any typos? Are all the dates correct? Does everything make sense? All it takes is one nasty application reviewer to toss out your resume because of a misspelling. Be sure your application is picture perfect.
  4. Follow up on your application – Unless the job posting explicitly states not to, always follow up with the employer a good two weeks after applying for that perfect job. Touching base with email is good, but a phone call is king. You’re perfect for the job, and you’re doing them a favor by calling them and showing your willingness to go further than the other applicants!

When you find yourself looking at a familiar job posting, step up to the plate again and apply for the job the second time. And if your resume is keeping you from getting that dream job of yours, have One Great Resume craft a personalized resume that will give you your best chance at landing the job you want.