Why does hiring take so long?

6 Undeniable Truths About Why Hiring Takes So Long

Job seekers are a hearty bunch. They work long hours for no pay and little appreciation. They get told ‘no’ over and over again, in search of that miraculous ‘yes’. Their tenacity knows no bounds.

But one thing job hunters are not is patient.

Not at all.

You want this done NOW! Hey, maybe they’ll hire me at the first interview… They said they’d have an answer for me next week, but I’ll bet they’ll call early.

Why is this taking so long?!?!

Relax, folks. I know you really, really, REALLY want this job, but getting wound up like a five-year-old on Christmas morning isn’t going to help. And yes, you look just like little Jimmy in his PJs who can’t wait to get his hands on the Xbox.

I know it’s not easy, but chill!

Here are six indisputable thing that happen in the work force that delay the hiring process.

Are there more than this? You bet.

Is it fair? Not in the least.

Does the employer care that you’re anxious to get started? Not a bit.

Here’s what’s going on:

1. The decision process will always take longer than they say it will. But, the employer promised me that they would call by the end of next week, so I just can’t wait! Well, keep waiting. When they give you an estimate, it’s a best-case scenario, which rarely happens. Give it about a 50% leeway — if they say they’ll call in a week, it’ll be a week and a half. Give them the extra time and keep your sanity in check.

2. The hiring manager always has one more person to interview, and that person is probably the hardest for them to get a hold of. There’s always that ONE candidate who has to be a pain. Not so much of a pain that the hiring manager gives up on that candidate, but just enough to drag things out. Oh, this week? Sorry, that won’t work, and next week is just no good, either, but the week after is just fine? Meanwhile, you probably had one foot out the door when the call for the interview came in the first place. Like the driver in the passing lane doing 5 below the speed limit, it just takes one pokey candidate to slow everyone down.

3. Hiring managers are indecisive, mainly because they know they’ll have to live with their decision for a long, LONG time. And they also remember when they made that decision to hire Bob, their worst hiring nightmare. We don’t to make THAT mistake again, now do we! We’d better take out time.

4. Some hiring managers need approval from their boss. And their boss’s boss. And their boss’s boss’s boss. And they can’t say a word to you until they have approval from EVERYONE. Until then, you sit in the dark. Alone. With no information.

5. Vacations, holidays, sick days, personal days and business travel stall the hiring process. They’re like speed bumps to acquiring talent; they seem to serve no purpose other than to slow things down.

6. You are at the bottom of their priority list. Before you came along for your interview, the hiring manager was overworked, stressed, and behind. Your hiring process isn’t helping things at all, no matter how much you know you’ll improve things when you’re hired. Don’t take it personally; the manager just has other things to do first.

Tom Petty said it best; the waiting is the hardest part. Be patient, be understanding, and be accommodating. Impatient people can lose jobs before they’re ever hired.

Most of all, don’t stop looking. Continuing to apply for jobs is the best way to keep yourself busy and keep your mind off of the impending decision.

Keep working! It will happen!


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