5 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Professional Headline

5 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Professional Headline

Three big things always pop out to people when they look at your LinkedIn profile: your name, your picture, and your professional headline.

Stating your name is pretty darn obvious, and be sure your picture is professional and lively.

But what about that professional headline? What is that?

More than just a title

Your professional headline appears right below your name, and most people have a boring, title-centric professional headline. Manager, Administration, Founder, Principal, Financial Advisor are some of the yawn-inducing professional headlines I find in my own network. Really?

Your professional title is your opportunity to set yourself apart from the rest of the people in your field and to be found by those searching for someone like you.

Here’s how you can make the most of your professional headline in just 5 easy steps:

1. Use the space – LinkedIn gives you a full 120 characters in the professional headline section of your profile. It’s a generous about of space, and it would be a shame to waste such a valuable resource that could be seen by millions of professionals! What should you put in that prized space? Keep reading…

2. What’s your specialty? – Reach beyond your job or career title and tell what you actually do for a living. Are you a copywriter? A carpenter specializing in rare woods? A stone landscaper? A wounded veteran outreach consultant? Use the professional headline space to show your own personal specialty.

3. Be a pro! – Are you a guru? An expert? Are you a Yoda in your field? If it’s in your personality and your professional demeanor, add a little pizazz in your professional headline by adding some of these more animated descriptors to help set you apart from the rest.

4. Are you available for hire? Why not say so! – When you’re looking for a job, don’t be shy about it. Come out and say that you are available for hire, and work it into your professional headline. Recruiters use LinkedIn daily to find qualified candidates. If you can let them know that you’re out on the marketplace, you’ll appeal to them first!

5. Use Keywords – We have become a keyword-driven society. If you want to be found in your own professional niche, use the keywords that hiring managers and recruiters will be looking for. They’ll appreciate it.

At One Great Resume, we write LinkedIn profiles for clients every day. Here are some examples of how we’ve brought professional headlines from yawn-inducing to awe-inspiring:


Graphic Artist


Graphic Artist | Corporate Visual Communication | Photography Expert | Available for Hire





Education & Marketing Pro | Special Events & Fundraising | Management | Communications | Available for hire!





Finance and Analysis expert  |  Manufacturing  |  Accounts receivables, sales forecasting and analysis


An effective professional headline can make the difference between you being lost and found. Take the time to make your professional headline come to life!


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