What to Expect from One Great Resume:

Passionate Work – We are enthusiastic about each client we have. Your resume is very important to your career, and we work hard to present all your strengths and achievements in a professional resume that is unique to you. You will feel energized and confident in your professional future.

Personalized Service – It’s all about you. We listen to you, talk to you, and find out about your experiences, strengths, and aspirations. Your resume will be unique and stand out from the crowd. For the little time it takes, we feel it’s the best way to write a resume that is tailored to your needs.

An Amazing Resume – Your new resume will be professional, easy to read, and detailed. It will focus on the strengths that employers want, and it will give you the best chance of landing interviews. Most importantly, you will have the confidence that comes with an outstanding resume.

State-Of-The-Art Work – We know what employers want from a resume. We research the best practices in cover letters, LinkedIn profiles, interviews and resumes. Business communications are changing fast. We make sure you’ve got the latest tools to land your next job.

About the Writer:

I love helping people with their resumes. While many other writers approach resumes from a human resources point of view, I work differently. I am a marketing writer with more than 20 years of experience, highlighting products' most important selling points and conveying them in an attractive, appealing manner.

Everyone has a personal career story to tell, and unique qualities to offer an employer. We’ll work together, find out what you have to offer, and create a resume and other documents that employers won’t be able to resist.

Let’s get to work!

- Joe Konop
Principal, One Great Resume LLC